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Faye Allen Memorial Kata Championship and Clinic
September 8, 2007
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This kata tournament is named in honor of Faye Allen, a teacher, Class A national referee, national Nage, Ju, and Gatame-no-kata judge, and long standing national and regional Nage-no-kata champion. A holder of the rank of Godan, Faye was a strong influence in the development of many national championship kata teams through the clinics she taught and the various dojos she visited. As a member of the Shufu Yudanshakai Board of Examiners, Faye was one of the individuals responsible for formulating our promotional requirements in Kata. An active judoka throughout most of her life, Faye served in both local and national offices. This kata championship is a small effort to recognize and remember all her contributions to judo.

James Burrell Memorial Senior Team Tourament
August 11, 2007
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This 3-man team tournament provides a regional venue for senior team competition.

United States Naval Academy Senior Team and Individual Invitational
October 6, 2007
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This flyer is posted as a courtesy to the US Navy Judo Team. If you have any questions please contact their Sensei, Edwin Takemori.