Rules of the Prince George's County Judo Club

The following rules are to be observed by all members, students, and visitors practicing in this dojo.

Dress and Personal Conduct

  1. The traditional judogi is the proper dress while practicing in this club. It should be worn properly at all times and should be kept clean and free of tears.
  2. Individual judoka should take care to keep fingernails and toenails cut reasonably short at all times.
  3. Hard metal and plastic items must be removed before practice. Rings, bracelets, earrings, and other hard objects can result in serious injury to yourself and others when worn during practice.
  4. Smoking is prohibited at all times in the building.
  5. Gum, candy, beverages, etc. are not to be brought into the practice area.
  6. Profanity, loud talking, name-calling, abusive language, and general horseplay are not in keeping with the spirit of judo. Judoka should endeavor to cultivate a spirit of poise, dignity, respect and compassion for others in the dojo.
  7. Zori (flip-flops) should be worn when judoka are not on the mats.

Rules of Practice

  1. The designated Instructor-In-Charge is responsible for the dojo when s/he is on duty. Judoka should observe who has been designated as the Instructor-In-Charge and should obey any reasonable request made by him/her.
  2. Formal judo etiquette is to be observed during all practice sessions. Proper forms of salutation, unless indicated otherwise by the Instructor, will be as follows:
  3. Practice sessions begin on time and end at the command of the Instructor. Judoka should endeavor to be prompt to all sessions. Individual judoka who must leave early should obtain permission from the Instructor to leave the mat.
  4. When judoka have reason to be seated during practice sessions, the traditional seiza position will be observed. In no instance should judoka lie or sprawl on the mat. This is not safe.
  5. Randori is a practice period. Talking and instruction between judoka should be kept to an absolute minimum.
  6. Safety is the responsibility of every player. To the best of your ability, treat your practice partner with respect, kindness and in accord with his or her age, rank, ability, and strength.
  7. All injuries must be reported to the designated Instructor-In-Charge for appropriate treatment and action.