Judo Gis Needed

If you have any used judo gis sitting around at home that you or your child can no longer use, just taking up space, please consider donating them to us. (If you prefer, we can purchase them from you.) We need gis from size 000 to size 5.

PG Judo Club will put the gis to good use. We rent gis to our beginning class students (for a $10 usage fee) and loan gis to our summer camp students. This year, due to the age of some of the gis and the heavy use we give them, we came up short and had to purchase several new gis for the beginning students. It will take the Club three years to recoup the cost of that purchase.

We would rather spend our funds in support of our students and parents than spend it on new uniforms for rental use. Please contact Sensei Takemori, Greg Goebel or Helen McProuty if you have any gis you wish to be rid of. Thank you for your help!