About Greg Goebel

Mr. Greg Goebel is a third degree black belt (sandan) with over fourteen years of judo experience and eight years of teaching under Sensei Takemori. He is an integral part of the Prince George’s Judo Club, assisting and substituting for Mr. Takemori, as needed at Glenn Dale Community Center's Intermediate and Advanced classes. Greg is currently the Chairman of the Maryland Judo, Inc. Tournament Certification Committee and holds clinics twice annually. He also travels extensively with the club, as male chaperone, coaches several nationally competing players, and does all the driving for the club. In addition to his club responsibilities he is also competes regularly in several katas.

  • Class "C" Certified (Club) Instructor, USJI
  • Class "C" Certified (Regional) Coach, USJI
  • PACE Levels I & II Certified
  • Local Certified Referee, MJI
  • Class "R-1" Certified (Mat Supervisor) Technical Official, MJI
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