About Edwin Takemori, Sensei

Edwin Takemori is a Shichidan (7th degree black belt). He began his judo studies at the Washington Judo Club and has been actively involved in practice and competition for 50 years. As a competitor he was a United States National judo player and a Senior Nationals master competitor. Mr. Takemori has been teaching for 45 years. He taught at the Washington Judo Club, Goddard, Andrews Air Force Base, and Tucker Road Community Center. Currently he teaches at the Naval Academy, and Deerfield Run and Glenn Dale Community Centers.

The purpose of my instruction is to teach judo as a sport. Many people think the striking and kicking they see on T.V. is judo. It is not. While many adult students who hold a brown belt rank or higher will learn Katas (prescribed routines with a partner) that use strikes, kicks and weapons, these techniques are not permitted in daily open practice. Children and most adults only study the sport aspects of judo.

Judo is practiced by all ages and requires all types of players; free-style and kata competitors, and recreation or non-competitors. I begin teaching students as early as 4 years old and have begun students as old as 60. I encourage all my students to compete a few times. This gives non-competing students an appreciation for those that compete and gives an understanding of the commitment sport competition takes. Children, however, do not begin to compete until they are 6 or 7 years old.

  • Class "A" Certified (Master) Instructor, USJI
  • Class "C" Certified (National) Coach, USJI
  • N-1 National Certified Referee, USJI
  • "A" Certified Kata Judge in Nage no Kata, Katame no Kata, and Ju no Kata, USJI
  • PACE Levels I & II Certified
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