Arlington Invitational
September 24th

September 30th
Dayton, Ohio

Beltsville Open
October 14th

Maryland State Championship
October 21st

Pittsburgh Invitational
Further Details To Be Announced

Beltsville Invitational
November 18th

Keystone Classic
November 25th
Hershey, PA

Prince George's Judo Club Junior & Senior Invitational
December 2nd
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Glenn Dale Community Center
11901 Glenn Dale Boulevard
Glenn Dale, MD 20769

Virginia State Open
Further Details To Be Announced

Shufu Open Championship
February 17th

Faye Allen Memorial Kata Championship
March 3rd
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This kata tournament is named in honor of Faye Allen, a teacher, Class A national referee, national Nage, Ju, and Gatame-no-kata judge, and long standing national and regional Nage-no-kata champion. A holder of the rank of Godan, Faye was a strong influence in the development of many national championship kata teams through the clinics she taught and the various dojos she visited. As a member of the Shufu Yudanshakai Board of Examiners, Faye was one of the individuals responsible for formulating our promotional requirements in Kata. An active judoka throughout most of her like, Faya serverd in both local and national offices. This kata championship is a small effort to recognise and remember all her contributions to judo.

James Burrell Memorial Team Championship
March 4th
James Burrell was a judoka who pusued excellece, in both attitude and behavior. He exemplified the judo priciples 'Maximum Efficiency-Minimum Effort' and 'mutual welfare and benefit'. He gave every activity he pursued 100% of his attention and effort, and as a result, did everything well. There is no question that Jum would have attained national prominence as a competitor had he not first become injured, and then ill, meeting an untimely death. Jum held the rank of Sandan, posthumously awarded. As a judo student Jum worked and studied hard. After a serious injury as a shodan Jim switched his fighting style, while competing, from right handed to left. An attentive and intent student, Jum diligently pusued learning the many areas of judo. In addition to shiai competition, Jim competed in kata and placed in the Nationals while ill. He was a well rounded judoka, a good teacher and a good referee. So, to remember and honor James Burrell, we place his name and the axion 'Maximum Efficiency-Minimum Effort' which he so well exemplified, on the Team Award plaques.

Beltsville Spring Tournament
March 17th

High School & Collegiate
Further Info To Be Announced

Liberty Bell
Philadelphia, PA
Further Info To Be Announced

Senior Nationals
Orlando, FL
Further Info To Be Announced

Am-Can Challenge
May 26th & 27th
Buffalo, NY

Pre USJF Jr. National Tournament
June 2nd