The Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Department of Parks and Recreation

Central Area

Prince George’s Judo Club

Junior & Senior Invitational

Saturday, December 2, 2000

This is a certifying tournament for Regional and Local class referees.

Contact the tournament director for additional information.

Site: Glenn Dale Community Center

11901 Glenn Dale Boulevard

Glenn Dale, Md. 20769

(310) 352-8983

Schedule: 9:30-11:30 a.m.- Referee Clinic (conducted by Roy Englert IJF-A Referee)

10:00-11:00 p.m.- Junior Registration/Weigh-in

1:00- 2:00 p.m.- Senior Registration/Weigh-in

On Site Registration Times will be enforced!

Eligibility: Ages 6 and up. Participants must be USJI, USJF, or USJA members.

Entry Fee: In-County Out-of-County

Shiai (Junior or Senior)

Entry received by Sat, 11/25 $15.00 $18.00

Each additional division, received by Sat, 11/25 $10.00 $12.00

Late Registration (Shiai, Junior & Senior) $20.00 $24.00

Each Additional Division $15.00 $18.00

Referee Clinic $ 3.00 $ 3.00

Please mail the completed entry form and check, money order, Visa or Master Card payable to MNCPPC to:

Prince George’s Judo Club

Glenn Dale Community Center

11901 Glenn Dale Boulevard

Glenn Dale, Md. 20769

Contest: Modified Double Elimination/Round Robin

Junior Matches-3 minutes; Senior Matches-4 Minutes

Awards: First, Second and Third place for each division

Outstanding Junior (the Mr. & Mrs. N. Shedd trophy)

Outstanding Senior (the Draeger Memorial trophy)

Only individuals who have fought three or more matches will be eligible for the

Outstanding Junior/Senior awards

Sanction: Sanctioned by USJF. Sanction #00-12-01.

For More Information: Contact Edwin Y. Takemori, Tournament Director at (410) 431-7360.

Weight Divisions:

Junior Boys and Girls: (Age 6-16) Light, Medium and Heavy

Novice* Category:

1. 8 years and under*

2. 10 years and under*

3. 12 years and under*

4. 16 years and under*

Open Category:

5. 8 years and under

6. 10 years and under

7. 12 years and under

8. 14 years and under

9. 16 years and under

Senior Men: (Light Middle Light-Heavy, Heavy)

10. Rokkyu, Gokyu, Yonkyu*

11. Sankyu, Nikyu, Ikkyu*

12. Open Rank

Senior Women (Light Middle, Heavy)

13. Rokkyu, Gokyu, Yonkyu*

14. Sankyu, Nikyu, Ikkyu*

15. Open Rank

Note*: Junior Novice and Senior Yonkyu and Ikkyu below can also compete in the open rank division for their age/weight category by paying the fee for additional events.


Current modified IJF rules will govern the tournament. No shime-Waza for age 12 and under. No Kansetsu-Waza for juniors. Matches between boys and girls age 10 and under will occur if necessary in order to ensure sufficient competition for all registrants. The tournament director reserves the right to add, delete and/or modify any divisions to ensure better competition for the participants. There will be a minimum of 3 contestants per division, when possible.

Entry Form

Prince George’s Judo Club

Junior and Senior Invitational


Home Address:____________________________________________________


Phone Number: (H)___________________________(W)_____________________________

Club Name:__________________________________________________________________

UJSI/USJF/USJA Number(Circle One):______________________ Expiration Date:_______

***Only verified, current members will compete!***

***New and Renewal applications will be taken on site prior to competition. ***

Sex: M F Age:______ Approximate weight:____________________

Division: Junior Senior (circle one)

**For Rank, please use the NAME of your RANK (i.e. Rokkyu, Gokyu, etc.) NOT THE COLOR of your BELT!** THANK YOU !! Please see the table below:


White Rokkyu White Rokkyu, Gokyu, or Yonkyu

Yellow Gokyu Yellow Gokyu

Orange Yonkyu Green Yonkyu

Green Sankyu Brown Sankyu, Nikyu, Ikkyu

Blue Nikyu Black Shodan, Nidan, etc.

Purple Ikkyu

I am registering to compete in the following divisions:

Junior Shiai:______ Rokkyu & Gokyu (Novice):______ Open Rank:_____

Senior Shiai: ______ White Belt:____ Brown Belt:____ Open Rank:____

Please mail the completed entry form and payment to:

Prince George’s County Judo Club

Glenn Dale Community Center

11901 Glenn Dale Boulevard

Glenn Dale, MD. 20769

Payment may be make by CHECK, MONEY ORDER, VISA or MASTERCARD to M-NCPPC :

Enclosed is a Check or Money Order for $_____________________.

Please charge my Visa or MasterCard (Circle one) MINIMUM $25:

Card Number:________________________________________ Expiration Date:_________

Authorized Signature:___________________________________________________________