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About Helen McProuty

Mrs. Helen McProuty is a Brown Belt with over five years of judo experience and has a little over a year’s experience teaching judo under Sensei Takemori. She began judo as a junior player and studied for four years in the Chicago area. After a twenty-eight year hiatus she returned to the sport with her children and has been studying with Sensei Takemori for two years. She assists and substitutes for Mr. Takemori, as needed, with the Beginner classes at Glenn Dale and Deerfield Run Community Centers. She is secretary for Prince George’s Judo Club and provides Mr. Takemori with administrative support. She oversees registration for all club events. Helen also travels extensively with the club, as female chaperone and coaches younger, local players. In addition to her club responsibilities, she also competes regularly in several katas.

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